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Partners in Crime

Here's a LiL List of All the People that have Inspired and Worked with Me,

Helping "Missy-ville" Become what it is today.  

Without Thier Love, Support, and Amazing Creativity we wouldn't be where we are today.

So, if you like what you what you see, please take just a teeny lil moment to click

and visit some of the Most Amazing Crafters I've been blessed to get to know. 


If you'd like to be added to this list,

Please use the "Talk to Me" Box at the Bottom, and Send me a lil Note. Thnx!

✿ All Pattern(s) and/or Item(s) are protected by International Copyright Laws and are intended for PERSONAL USE only. 
Other uses are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 

✿ However Missy-ville Claims No Rights to/of/for Any Copyright of/to/for the Design and/or Representation of the Intellectual or Original 'Character and/or Living/Non-Living Person(s)' Portrayed within the Product, its listing, and/or any/all Presentation. Missy-ville Designs are simply Replica's of the 'Character and/or Living/Non-Living Person(s)' Represented and is Here-in Perfectly Abiding by Any/All Copyrighted Boundaries Regarding Replication/Representation, in-Full and/or in-Part, Held By Any/All Other Respected Parties.

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