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"Hall of Shame"


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Yep, We're Just-Like-You! 

We All Started Somewhere- Right!?


So, Here's a Look-Back at All our Years of Experience and Learning. I'm Completely Embarrassed by the low quality of my projects during my Learning-Days, Some i'm Super PROUD of tho, and yea, I'm gunna Brag - it's my Place, so I'm Allowed *wink* Also If a Pattern Was Used for a Project- Check the Description for a Link! *Give Credit Where Credit is Due!* <3


So, Even tho I Never Planned on having a Space made, Here on my site, 

to Showcase (even the things i wish no living eyes would Ever see)

- my Friends' say, "Welp, Somebody Might Like It..." 


So here you are... ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃)۶  ... Peek if you Dare!







✿ All Pattern(s) and/or Item(s) are protected by International Copyright Laws and are intended for PERSONAL USE only. 
Other uses are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 

✿ However Missy-ville Claims No Rights to/of/for Any Copyright of/to/for the Design and/or Representation of the Intellectual or Original 'Character and/or Living/Non-Living Person(s)' Portrayed within the Product, its listing, and/or any/all Presentation. Missy-ville Designs are simply Replica's of the 'Character and/or Living/Non-Living Person(s)' Represented and is Here-in Perfectly Abiding by Any/All Copyrighted Boundaries Regarding Replication/Representation, in-Full and/or in-Part, Held By Any/All Other Respected Parties.

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